[WATCH] Statement from the Lincoln Project Regarding Comcast’s Refusal to Air New Ad Holding Fox News Accountable for Promoting Vaccine Hesitancy

July 22, 2021 – The Lincoln Project released the following statement:

Today, The Lincoln Project released a new ad calling out Fox News for their unending dissemination of propaganda aimed at scaring Americans into denying the COVID-19 vaccine. The Lincoln Project was informed by Comcast that they would refuse to run the commercial because it did not meet their guidelines:

See the ad below:

An advertisement may be rejected if it is merely an attack of a personal nature, a direct attack on an individual business, or comment on a private dispute. Advertisements may be accepted if the attack is on a business that is in the public forum or the issue is one of public concern.

Our criticism of Fox News falls under Comcast’s description of a business that is in the public forum or the issue is one of public concern.

Comcast is one of the main sources of Fox News’ revenue and our ad called on Americans to ask their cable carriers to drop the propaganda network. As Rupert Murdoch’s anti-vaccine messaging machine continues to spread deadly misinformation that is killing Americans, we will not stop calling out the danger Fox News poses to public health.

This is not the first Lincoln Project ad Comcast has blocked from its air. Comcast has repeatedly rejected Lincoln Project ads that seek to hold powerful corporations accountable — be they news networks like Fox or major automobile manufacturers like Toyota. Comcast has made one thing clear: Their bottom line comes before anything else; it comes before democracy; and in this case, it comes before the health and safety of the American people.

The Lincoln Project will not be deterred by corporate censorship. As we continue to build a list of corporations to hold accountable for their anti-democratic practices, Comcast has shot to the top.

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