WATCH: Stacey Abrams Shreds Meghan McCain in Voting Rights Argument

For years, Americans in minority communities have complained about how difficult it is for them to vote. Georgia, which had a chaotic primary on Tuesday, has become America’s epicenter for voter suppression. No one know this better than Stacey Abrams who lost her 2018 governor bid after controversial voting rights decisions were made by her opponent Brian Kemp.

Jessica McGowan/Getty Imagesstacy

Abrams appeared on ABC’s The View on Thursday to discuss the systemic voting issues in the country. During the segment, the Georgia politician sparred with the show’s token Conservative, Meghan McCain.

McCain attempted to blame Democrats for the continued voting issues in Georgia. She asked, “Most of the counties that had issues this week were run by Democrats. Do you think we should be quick to blame Republicans when most of the problems like consolidated polling locations and older poll workers canceling over health concerns were a result of the coronavirus?”

Abrams explained, “[The] false narrative that the secretary of state has pushed out this is only happening because of Democratic leadership. This affected every single part of our state, and the reality is your access to democracy shouldn’t depend on your county of residence. Fundamentally we deserve to have elections that work for everyone.”

Watch a clip of Abrams spot below, courtesy of ABC:

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