[WATCH] St. Louis Mayor Pressured To Resign After Doxxing Constituents That Support Defunding Police

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson is under major pressure to resign after she publicized the names and addresses of activists who support defunding the police. She did the move during a Facebook live and has now apologized.

According to Riverfront Times on Friday, “St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson took some time out from a public briefing on COVID-19 Friday to read aloud the full names and addresses of several of her own constituents who are calling for police reform. The briefing was aired publicly on Facebook Live, and a recording was online for about three hours before it was deleted.” Riverfront Times,  “counted at least ten instances wherein Krewson read aloud an activist’s full name and the name of the street on which they reside. At one point in time, she lists a person’s full name and full street address, remarking, ‘He lives around the corner from me.’”

The Mayor faced immediate backlash for her actions. Aldermember Megan Ellyia Green said, “So not cool to doxx my constituents who support #DefundThePolice on your FB live today. It’s a move designed to silence dissent, and it’s dangerous.” Green also put the hashtag #DoBetter.

Cop Watch STL accused Krewson of political Terrorism. They said, “she just put a hit out on people. This is a sick and twisted abuse of power and political terrorism.” Missouri’s ACLU also weighed in saying the action was  “shocking and misguided.” The ACLU statement also said, “This was intimidation pure and simple.”

Mayor Krewson apologized for the action saying, “Never did I intend to harm anyone or cause distress. The update is removed and again, I apologize.” Some did not accept the apology.

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