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WATCH: South Carolina Theocrat Hopes To Outlaw Anything “Contrary To The Word Of God”

WATCH: South Carolina Theocrat Hopes To Outlaw Anything “Contrary To The Word Of God”

In the United States, there’s a Constitutional problem with theocracy. Our founding document literally promises that the government will not choose and endorse, much less mandate, one set of religious viewpoints over another. However, there’s also a logistical problem: there are hundreds of Christian denominations in the United States, and they don’t all have the same interpretation of Biblical law.

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Neither of those issues has ever stopped a hopeful theocrat from pushing an agenda that they proclaim to come from God Himself, though. A current example is Pastor Mark Burns, of South Carolina. He hopes to be elected in 2022 to represent his state in the U.S. House of Representatives. If he’s successful, he hopes to use the position to further what he believes is God’s agenda for America, as he explains below.

“It’s about being a conservative Christian who believes this is a Christian nation, and any policy that is contrary to the word of God, we need to remove it from mainstream America and make it illegal.”

Well, that’s contrary to the Constitution, but importantly, what does Burns mean when he describes something as being “contrary to the word of God”? He could be referring to the Ten Commandments, which theocrats sometimes claim are the basis for U.S. law, citing “thou shalt not kill” and missing the commandments not coded into law, like those demanding followers worship God above all else and honor their parents.

However, while there are Christian churches that support LGBTQ+ rights, a promise to enforce “God’s law,” particularly from a conservative, can be a significant red flag for the LGBTQ community. In fact, it turns out that Burns has made his feelings clear more than once, questioning whether being gay is a choice, and attacking the rights of transgender individuals to access the sports and spaces that are right for them, and even asserting that there “shouldn’t be trans kids.”

While the LGBTQ community still suffers discrimination, the nation made strides in that area under President Obama, and the Biden Administration has already worked to undo some of the damage done during the Trump era. Burns seems to be suggesting that if he’s elected, he’d work to strip those rights, as well as any others he deems “unChristian.”

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