WATCH: Soon to be Broke Donald Trump Jr. Whines About His Father’s “Political Persecution”

Donald Trump Jr. has had a pretty good first 43 years of life. He was born into extreme wealth and somehow got into the University of Pennsylvania. Following college, he was given a cushy job in his father’s business empire. He even wrote a book that dubiously made it’s way up the New York Times best seller list.

Don Jr. says Trump's taxes are okay and Hunter Biden's should be investigated
[Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images]
But the Trump Organization’s businesses are starting to fail. Worse yet, the state of New York will soon be doing a deep dive into Donald Trump Sr.’s tax returns. Seeing the writing on the wall, Trump Jr. posted a video on Tuesday whining about his dad’s “political persecution.”

The former president’s son began, “The BS never ends. The political persecution of my father continues on. Because a grossly partisan district attorney in New York finally got the Supreme Court to agree to continue their witch hunt by allowing the release of my father’s tax returns.”

Trump Jr. nonsensically continued, “It’s a political vendetta against Donald Trump. More importantly, it’s a political vendetta against his supporters. They will go after anyone that stands up to the establishment. They will go after anyone who puts America first over their special interests, over their bureaucracy, over the systems that they’ve put in place over decades that have allowed them to get rich.”

Watch a video of the post below:


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