(WATCH) Snoop Dogg Goes Off on Donald Trump in Expletive Filled Rant

Nearly everyone has an opinion on Donald Trump’s shutdown of the Federal Government and celebrities are no exception. Recently the hip-hop superstar, Snoop Dogg posted an expletive filled video in which he went off on the president and his policies.

Jason Persse

The rapper decried the fact that Federal workers aren’t being paid, calling it a “terrible situation.” Snoop Dogg noted that everyday Americans are struggling and “that punk motherf*cker (Trump) don’t care.”

The main focus of the video was urging people that are affected by the shutdown to not vote for Trump again. Snoop claimed that anyone who would vote for the president after the shutdown, “is a stupid motherf*cker.”

The rapper closed the video by saying, “F*ck Donald Trump and f*ck anyone that’s down with him”

The video, which is not suitable for younger audiences, can be seen below:

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