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WATCH: SNL’s Drunk Jeanine Pirro Commends the President

WATCH: SNL’s Drunk Jeanine Pirro Commends the President

Of all of Donald Trump’s cable news supporters, none may be stauncher than Judge Jeanine Pirro. The Fox News host has earned the support of the president in return. During a April suspension for her offensive comments about Ilhan Omar, the President tweeted out a call to “bring back Judge Jeanine.”

Saturday Night Live has used that relationship to create their own Pirro character played be Cecily Strong. Yesterday, SNL featured a drunk Pirro who lauded a long list of the President’s accomplishments.

Strong began the segment by referencing the host’s recent suspension, “Hello, I’m Judge Jeanine Pirro, and I just want to thank the brave sponsors who stuck with me despite accusations by the radical loony left.”

When asked about Trump’s support during her suspension, drunk Judge Jeanine replied, “Yes! That’s because Donald Trump is a class act. “He is the Michael Jordan of presidents and the Wesley Snipes of taxes. He’s a wiz in the boardroom and sometimes whizzes a little in the bedroom.”

Continually holding a martini throughout the segment, Strong spilled her drink on Colin Jost each time he made a negative comment about the President. She told Jost, “Colin, I haven’t been drinking. I currently am drinking.”

Drunk Judge Jeanine saved her most extreme reaction for talks about the President’s potential impeachment. “Colin Jessica Jost, impeachment would be crazy!” she replied. “That is the last resort of the loopy loco left who hate this president and his thick mac daddy energy!”

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