WATCH: SNL Roasts Ted Cruz’s Cancun Trip in Opening Skit

Ted Cruz has been on TV a lot in early 2021. But he hasn’t been on TV in the way a politician might want to be. Last week Saturday Night Live blasted Cruz and Lindsey Graham for their actions during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

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And just a short week later, the Texas senator was again being lampooned on the sketch show. This time around, Cruz was being mocking for his insane decision to take a tropical vacation while his state was in crisis.

Cruz, played by Aidy Bryant, was a guest on a show called Oops You Did it Again, hosted by Britney Spears. He told the host, “Now I’m in a bit of hot water, which I’m told nobody in Texas has.” Bryant as Cruz continued, “I deeply regret my actions over the last few days, mostly flying United…I’m sorry, I’m pretty bad at human stuff.

“So you understand why people are calling you a coward?,” Spears asked. “Yeah, coward was actually the nicest word I heard. But let me ask you this, would a coward have the cajones to blame his actions on his young daughters? They love Cancun, there’s so much for kids to do. The topless beach, shots at Senior Frog’s, swimming with sick dolphins — they love it.”

Watch a clip of the show below, courtesy of Saturday Night Live:

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