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[WATCH] SNL Premiere Mocks Kyrsten Sinema, Anti-Vaxxers

[WATCH] SNL Premiere Mocks Kyrsten Sinema, Anti-Vaxxers

“Saturday Night Live” kicked off its 47th season with new cast members literally making an impression on viewers, while cast veterans upped their games in sketches dragging the current state of politics.

Cecily Strong’s dead-on impression of Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona was the highlight of the show’s cold open, which also introduced James Austin Johnson as both President Joe Biden. Johson also pulls off a perfect impression of the Former Guy.

As Sinema, Strong captured the Senator’s unique way of dressing, as well as her casual approach to taking her job seriously. “What do I want from this bill? I’ll never tell. Because I didn’t come to Congress to make friends. And so far, mission accomplished,” Strong-as-Sinema smirked.

“Look, as a wine-drinking, bisexual triathlete, I know what the average American wants. They want to be put on hold when they call 9-1-1, they want bridges that just stop and the car falls down. They want water so thick you can eat it with a fork. And I will fight for that no matter what. Unless my foot hurts, then I’ve got to go back to Arizona,” she added.


In another spot-on sketch, the cast skewered the raging debate over masking children in schools. Aidy Bryant was a standout in a great sketch that mocked the videos of unhinged screaming parents at school board meetings.


Once again, Cecily Strong brought her A-game as a mom who began by telling the startled board members, “I am concerned and I am also crazy– let’s begin,” before rambling about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and concluding, “This is all about Israel.”

As another mom, Heidi Gardner said, “I am so mad I am literally shaking right now. Forget Covid, the real threat is critical race theory. My question is: What is it? And why am I mad about it?”







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