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WATCH: SNL Cold Open Asks & Answers The Question “What Still Works?”

WATCH: SNL Cold Open Asks & Answers The Question “What Still Works?”

The first “Saturday Night Live” cold open of the Biden presidency was much like the president himself: inclusive. Marjorie Taylor Greene, GameStop and Tom Brady all were lampooned in “What Still Works,” hosted by a mostly incredulous Kate McKinnon.

The talk show format opened with McKinnon wondering about what still works. “It’s a new year and we have a new president so some things should work,” she said. “But do they?” First guest Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), portrayed by Cecily Strong, quickly convinced McKinnon that at least a portion of government doesn’t work. The firearms-loving representative offered McKinnon a handgun instead of a handshake as she settled in to begin their conversation.

“Congresswoman Greene – hard to say those words together – what are some of the theories you believe in,” said McKinnon. Strong, of course confirmed that, yes, she does believe in all of the crazy, discredited conspiracy theories that she has spread across her social media platforms: the Parkland school shooting, 9/11 and the most recent, that Jewish space lasers started the worst wildfire in California history.

“And those are real things you believe and that you tell people about? People can Google you and it will say she’s a real member of the U.S. government?” McKinnon asked.”That might not be the first thing that comes up,” Strong replied, “but yeah.”

McKinnon then asked, “And when your colleagues found out about all these hateful and psychotic things you said what did they do?”

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Strong replied, “I was promoted to the Education Committee.”

You can watch the entire cold open here, courtesy of NBC and “Saturday Night Live.”

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