WATCH: SNL Blasts Trump Lawyer Alina Habba in Opening Skit

No one runs through lawyers quite like Donald Trump does. His court cases never end and his lawyers never seem to stick around very long. 

The latest Trump lawyer is Alina Habba. He picked her more because of the way she looks and sounds on television rather than her expertise in a court room. And SNL sent up the attorney during last night's opening skit. 

Chloe Fineman, playing Habba, noted that she had repeatedly been reprimanded by the judge in the case. She then said, "I am new at this and I am learning."

Trump then jumped into the skit, saying:

"[Habba is] the worst lawyer I’ve ever had, which is quite an accomplishment. This is the bottom of the barrel, folks, this is who said yes. I’m in the lead for president and this is the best I can get. Feels like a red flag. Well, you’re not getting paid, by the way. You know that, of course you do."

James Austin Johnson, playing Trump, continued, "As you can see, I am doing very well cognitively. Doing great with cognitive. I think I’m doing great with cognitive. I’m more cognitive than ever. The doctors said, ‘Sir, you have to be in the top 99 percent of all the concussion and dementia people we give this test to.' I said, ‘Wow, I guess I’m very good at recognizing elephants. Who knew?’ And now we’re here."