WATCH: Slurring Giuliani Tells Fox Hosts, “Biden has Dementia, There’s no Doubt About It”

Donald Trump and Fox hosts have been all over the place in their attacks on Joe Biden. At first, they claimed that his mental capacity was so diminished that he would barely be able to function. But they’ve also painted him as a practiced debater who is likely to do quite well.

Rudy Giuliani mocks dead man in attack on Biden
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
The way that Donald Trump has spun the story is by saying that Biden will do well because of drugs. He even demanded that the former vice president take a drug test before the debates. On Tuesday morning, Rudy Giuliani took it a step further claiming that

The sometimes Trump lawyer made the comments on Fox and Friends this morning. Ironically, the former mayor slurred through much of the interview. He began, “the man has dementia, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve talked to doctors. I’ve had them look at one hundred different tapes of him.”

Host Steve Doocy countered by saying that Biden’s people say he’s fine. Giuliani responded, “He can’t even say the Pledge of Allegiance and he’s fine. He was in the Senate for 160 years. I mean, he can’t do the (slurring) prologue to the Constitution of the United States. Or is it the Declaration of Independence? Any of them?”

The former New York City mayor closed, “He actually displays symptoms that two gerontologists told me that are classic symptoms of middle-level dementia. That’s when he does that Pledge of Allegiance…mumbles.”

Watch the clip of Giuliani speaking with Fox and Friends below:


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