WATCH: Skip Bayless Rips Patriots QB Cam Newton: Being Unvaccinated is Going to Cost You Your Job and Hurt Your Team

The NFL season will be getting underway in just a couple of weeks. And while the league is not requiring its players to get vaccinated, it would very much prefer that they do. Unvaccinated players are required to wear masks indoors, test regularly and are quarantined from the team if they have a close contact.

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Players who have been vaccinated, on the other hand can move through the building much more freely. Still, there’s plenty of pushback. At least one coach left his job rather than be vaccinated. And some players are risking losing their starting jobs or even being cut.

This is the case with Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, who is locked in a battle with rookie Mac Jones. On Tuesday’s episode of Undisputed, Skip Bayless ripped the unvaccinated Newton for risking his job.

“It is his choice as an American citizen to decide to vaccinate or not to vaccinate,” Bayless acknowledged. “And I respect his choice to decide one way or the other.”

The talking head continued:

“It is incomprehensible TO ME, from a distance. No matter what Cam’s reasons are for not getting vaccinated, that he wouldn’t go ahead close his eyes and plunge and get vaccinated because that’s the only way to maximize his team’s chances of winning and your chances of succeeding. Why would you jeopardize your chances? Why wouldn’t you maximize your chances of keeping a job, that if it slips away, I’m not sure you’re gonna get another job.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox Sports:


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