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WATCH: Sidney Powell Pulls Out New Conspiracy Theory To Solicit Donations

WATCH: Sidney Powell Pulls Out New Conspiracy Theory To Solicit Donations

Sidney Powell is still pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie regarding the 2020 election, but now she’s moved to promoting conspiracy theories about the January 6th attack for donations.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Powell is already facing legal troubles over her response to the 2020 election. Aside from being sued for defamation by Dominion Voting Systems for unsupported claims that the company took part in falsifying an election outcome, she’s also been sanctioned by courts for her involvement in filing cases intended to promote a narrative, rather than to seek legal relief.

Now, she’s got stories to tell about January 6th, in which she claims that government forces, in the form of Capitol Police, actually forced protesters to enter the Capitol Building by opening the doors, then firing tear gas behind them.

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Of course, this claim, for which she offers no evidence, fails entirely to address the fact that a group of Oath Keepers has been charged with seditious conspiracy for allegedly storing weapons off-site with intent to transport them to the Capitol as part of the attack, or the allegations that participants shared maps of the Capitol complex and called to “shoot the police that protect these s***bag senators,” all in advance ot the actual attack as they planned it on social media platforms.

Powell is currently suing to block Verizon from complying with a Congressional subpoena. According to a CBS affiliate, she is arguing that for the January 6th Committee to access her phone records would do harm by denying her the right to ‘freedom of association.’ She also argues that it would violate attorney-client privilege, and that there’s no legitimate purpose for the Committee to access her communications.

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