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WATCH: Sidney Powell Is Now Accusing U.S. Dept. Of Defense Of Tampering With Elections

WATCH: Sidney Powell Is Now Accusing U.S. Dept. Of Defense Of Tampering With Elections

Attorney Sidney Powell is already facing a lawsuit for accusing Dominion Voting Systems of interfering with the 2020 election. Now she’s expanding her conspiracy theories, making allegations against additional entities — including the United States Department of Defense.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

It’s ironic, given that, as Forbes reported in December, Donald Trump reportedly sought advice on deploying the military to overturn the election in his favor. This was connected to Michael Flynn, who said on right-wing news programs that the then-president had the power to do so. Another attorney and conspiracy theorist who supports Trump, Lin Wood, has also insisted that U.S. armed forces should be used to force a ‘redo’ of the election.

Still, while Trump’s circle has expressed a desire for the military to rig the election in his favor, Powell now seems to believe they’re complicit in rigging the election against Trump, instead. (It’s relevant to note here that Powell and others have never produced an iota of evidence for any of these claims.)

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In the clip above, Powell claims that for at least 20 years, the outcomes of U.S. elections — at least some of them — have not been determined by voters, but some other entity. She segues into showing tiny snippets of Department of Defense patents for algorithms designed audit elections, and predict outcomes, insinuating that these prove the U.S. government is using these programs to change electoral outcomes.

“The Department of Defense knows d*mned well about it, also, because they patented a process for real-time monitoring of the election and doing exactly the same things back in 2005….”

At a hearing in June, Powell, along with other pro-Trump attorneys that have pushed the Big Lie, were questioned about using the court system to falsely promote their partisan claims without evidence, resulting in the court deciding sanctions were appropriate for the misuse of the judicial system.

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