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WATCH: Shepard Smith Cuts off Presidential Presser, Blasts Donald Trump

WATCH: Shepard Smith Cuts off Presidential Presser, Blasts Donald Trump

On election night, Donald Trump took to the East Room state around 3:30 AM and told Americans that he had won the election. That was, of course, untrue. After that moment, the nation didn’t see Trump publicly, though he had continually sent angry messages out via his Twitter feed.

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On Thursday, the White House announced that Trump would speak to the country. The networks were prepared, however, for him to come out angry and unhinged. That is exactly what happened, and when it did, many networks cut him off. Shepard Smith hosted one of those shows and he had plenty of vitriol for Trump’s performance.

The two men certainly have a frosty relationship. Smith was one of the few Fox News hosts who regularly called out Trump for his actions. The former Fox anchor now works for CNBC.

After cutting off Trump, Smith told viewers, “We’re interrupting this because what the President of the United States is saying, in large part, is absolutely untrue. And we’re not going to allow it to keep going. Because it’s not true.”

The CNBC then played a number of comments made by the president during the presser. “None of that is true,” he said, “Not one word.”

Smith said later in the show, “Never in my 30-year career have I ever interrupted a President of the United States,” Smith said. “And we’ve held back from doing so over, and over, and over, while others have. But if any other human being were using our platform of influence to lie to our viewers, we would stop them. And frankly, enough is enough

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