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WATCH: Seth Rogen Eviscerates “Fascist” Ted Cruz, Says the Two Aren’t in “A Feud”

WATCH: Seth Rogen Eviscerates “Fascist” Ted Cruz, Says the Two Aren’t in “A Feud”

In addition to being one of the most hated lawmakers in America, Ted Cruz is often an avid lover of pop culture. And it is common for the Texas senator to engage is Twitter arguments with figures from the world of entertainment.

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One of Cruz’s most notable exchanges was with actor Seth Rogen. The actor appeared on Stephen Colbert’s show last night. He had harsh words for both Cruz and the Republican party in general.

Rogen first explained why he didn’t believe the two men were in a feud. “I guess feud implies equal ground. And maybe this is something… If someone’s trying to murder someone with a baseball bat and someone’s yelling at that person to stop, is that a feud? I think feud implies two people hitting each other with baseball bats.”

The comedian continued, “I’m like, Ted Cruz is a fascist. He denies the reality of the election. His words cause people to die and I’m making jokes about it. Is that a feud…To me it seems like I’m pointing out the fact that he is a terrible man whose words have resulted in death, you know, and I guess to me, it speaks to what I think is a bigger problem in America which is like a false equivalency.”

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Rogen finished, “One (Democrats) is a creature trying to stop it (Republicans) from destroying the country and I don’t know. Is that a feud?”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of the Late Show:

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