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WATCH: Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump WH’s ‘Worst Liar’ Kellyanne Conway

WATCH: Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump WH’s ‘Worst Liar’ Kellyanne Conway

Like many people who worked for Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway is probably going to have trouble finding work. So the special adviser to the former president has been back on air, lying about what happened in his cabinet.

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During a weekend news appearance, Conway claimed that there were no supply chain issues while Trump was president. On his Wednesday night show, Meyers ripped into the former adviser over all the lies she told during her time in the White House.

The late night host began, “She was somehow the Trump administration’s most prolific and also worst liar. She wasn’t even smooth about it. She lied the way your kids lie.” He later continued, “She always sounds like she’s trying to argue that her coupon is still valid at Talbots.”

After discussing Conway’s supply chain comments, Meyers closed:

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“Oh really? Because I remember a time when a roll of toilet paper had a street value just above cocaine. I know the last 20 months have been kind of a haze, but did they really expect us all to forget the long lines for food and the empty store shelves and the desperate search for Lysol and Purell? Do they think we’ve forgotten the days of watching ‘Tiger King’ and trying to make our own hand sanitizer out of vodka and grape jelly?”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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