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WATCH: Seth Meyers Savagely Mocks Tucker Carlson With Pitch Perfect Impression

WATCH: Seth Meyers Savagely Mocks Tucker Carlson With Pitch Perfect Impression

Tucker Carlson is an entertainer, not a journalist. His employer, Fox News, made that argument during a recent court case.

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And Carlson’s favorite way to entertain viewers is with his “just asking questions” routine. The Fox host uses this method to throw out wild conspiracy theories while maintaining that he’s just curious. During his Wednesday night show, Seth Meyers hilariously lampooned this tactic.

As Carlson, Meyers wondered:

“Were these protests against Biden’s vaccine mandate? Did Joe Biden secretly replace all the real pilots with communist Antifa woke-anistas, or were the delays caused because the flight attendants refused to give you a second bag of Biscoff cookies when you asked for one? Because according to them, the plane was taking off soon and when they asked you to put up your tray table you said no because you still had one Biscoff cookie left that you were saving for later. And if you put it in your lap, you’d get crumbs on your nicest travel slacks. So when they threaten to remove you from the plane and you said it was your God-given right under Article 67, Section C of the United States Constitution Part 9 to do what you wanted with your Biscoff cookie. The guy next you said, loud enough for everyone on the plane to hear ‘Biscoff’ more like ‘Jerk-off’ and everyone laughed. Even the pilots laughed because you can hear them chuckling over the intercom and when you then lie down in the aisle, as means protest and scream, ‘I’m not moving until everyone on this plane gets unvaccinated,’ only to be told that was impossible did you yell, ‘It is possible, you can poop it out. I read it on Facebook.’ But before you can provide the link for everyone to read, did a large man lift you up and shove you into the overhead compartment while everyone cheered? ould that be why the plane was delayed? Well, we can tell you that it is, because it happened to me yesterday.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below:

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