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WATCH: Seth Meyers Delights in Fox News’ Rudy Giuliani Ban

WATCH: Seth Meyers Delights in Fox News’ Rudy Giuliani Ban

Rudy Giuliani has had a rash of terrible luck lately. He was fooled into becoming a co-star in the latest Borat movie. His attempt to overturn the election for Donald Trump featured dripping hair dye and porno shops. And, of course, his apartment was raided by federal agents back in May.

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But maybe the worst thing to happen to the former New York City mayor was his ban from the Fox News network. The once Conservative darling is now a punch line. And that delights Seth Meyers to no end.

The late night host began, “They banned Rudy from Fox News? That’s like banning a turtle from its shell, or like banning Turtle from the Nike Store.”

Meyers continued, “I’ve never been in a Fox News studio, but I’ve heard that if you go to one, pretty much any hour of the day, you’ll see Rudy Giuliani slouched in the corner asleep, drool on his chin and a tote bag full of OTB betting slips in his lap. In fact, sometimes he’s still in the shot when the next guest is on.”

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The late night host closed, “I mean, damn, it’s one thing to ban him because you’re afraid of the Dominion lawsuit, but to tell him you just don’t want him anymore? It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend and telling him, ‘No, it’s not because my mother doesn’t like you! You’re ugly and bad at sex.”

Watch a clip of the segment below:

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