WATCH: Seth Meyers Blasts Conspiracy Mongerers Limbaugh and Ingraham

While the CDC has clearly laid out the ways they can help prevent the spread of coronavirus, some Conservatives have decided that the wearing of masks is unnecessary. This especially includes President Donald Trump who defiantly refused to wear a mask while touring the Ford plant in Michigan this week.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association

Republican pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham has gone as far as to say that mask promotion is a way for the Liberal media to continue extended state lockdowns. During a recent monologue, late night host Seth Meyers blasted the duo and outlined how masks help keep people safe.

In early May, Ingraham told viewers, “They’ll say this whole mask thing is settled science just like they do with climate change. Of course, it is not — and they know it. Our own experts have gone from masks aren’t necessary to masks are essential and you have to wear them when you go jogging in just a few weeks time.“

Meyers responded to these claims in an online monologue. “Mask-wearing isn’t some liberal media conspiracy,” he said. “There’s evidence to suggest it works. Lots of other countries do it, and the vast majority of Americans agree with it. And they’re right.”

The SNL alum continued, “It’s just common decency. If you know that coughing or breathing on someone could get them sick, you cover your mouth, unless you’re [President Donald] Trump, in which case you force everyone to cluster together next to you in a tiny briefing room and repeatedly grab the microphone like an emcee at an open mic night.”

Watch a video of Meyer’s comments below:

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