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WATCH: Seth Meyers Absolutely Eviscerates Kayleigh McEnany

WATCH: Seth Meyers Absolutely Eviscerates Kayleigh McEnany

After a controversial stint as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany is now appearing on Fox News and criticizing Joe Biden for far less than her former boss ever did.

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Many of the members of Donald Trump’s administration are desperate the rehabilitate their reputation. Kellyanne Conway was on American Idol alongside her daughter. His children and their spouses are trying to get into politics.

But the easiest way to see former Trump flaks is to watch Fox News. Stephen Miller makes regular appearances. And Kayleigh McEnany was actually hired by the channel to give daily takes. Not everyone is enjoying those takes, though. During his Wednesday night show, Seth Meyers took the former Press Secretary apart.

“I mean, we just went through four years of bullsh*t liars trying to convince us that reality isn’t reality,” Meyers began. “They were like hypnotists, except instead of a pocket-watch, they used a meatball on a string.”

The host continued:

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“So how does meatball hypnosis on like 50 percent of the country? In fact, if sh*t hypnotists still want to be on TV lying for a living like former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who was shameless enough to go on Fox yesterday and criticize Joe Biden for supposedly inflaming tensions by gently suggesting that it would be good if the jury agreed that murder should, in fact, be illegal.”

Meyers closed, “Right, of course, we wouldn’t want a president inflaming tensions. Who did you work for again? Oh, right. President flame thrower. But, sure, Biden’s the one inflaming tensions. I mean, what’s he going to do next? Gather a group of violent insurrectionists dressed like werewolves and Call of Duty cos-players down at the Capitol and tell them to fight? While his no-neck pasta-goblin of a lawyer calls for a trial by combat?”

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