WATCH: Seth McFarlane Explains That He Put out Vaccine PSA to Combat Fox Colleague Tucker Carlson’s Nonsense

Seth McFarlane and Fox have had a long and fruitful relationship. The comedian began working with the network in 1999 when Family Guy first appeared.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

And while his shows have often been controversial, Fox has given McFarlane plenty of freedom that he clearly appreciates. What he doesn’t like, however, is the misinformation coming out of the Fox News network.

McFarlane recently felt the need to put out a PSA urging people to get vaccinated. He discussed the new spot with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night.

The host asked, “You’ve been very critical of your own employer because the Fox network also is the parent company of Fox News. And I guess you’re not a Tucker guy?”

McFarlane responded, “No, you know, that’s why we did this Family Guy PSA about vaccination. Because I looked around and I saw everyone else at Fox Corp doing their part to get good science out there and be responsible with their platforms. And looking down the barrel of that kind of peer pressure, I said, gosh, we’ve got to do something too.”

When asked why Fox would allow him to produce the piece, the Family Guy creator answered, “You see on the [Fox] News side, they’re obviously in their imaginary fairyland. And then you have the entertainment side that’s like, we have to exist with these people, let’s be political and make the best of it.”

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