WATCH: Senior Trump Advisor Absolutely Tears Into Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens are vitally important to the Republican party. Both of the controversial right-wing activists have massive online platforms where they regularly push MAGA propaganda. 

In the world Donald Trump has built, though, backstabbings are incredibly common. Darrell Scott, a pastor, has been named as one of Trump's key advisors for the 2024 raace. And Scott recently blasted both Owens and Kirk in an interview with former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon. 

Scott said of Kirk," I go back to the fact that he’s 30 and he has not actually had to be outside of this small bucket of conservative activists who have fed him every time that he does this. He builds that following, builds that ego. Candace Owens came from Turning Point."

Moving on to Evans, Scott continued:

"To me, it, underscores the feelings that Charlie Kirk has about the Black community. You know, the word white supremacy is thrown around a lot these days. The Democrats use it as a talking point, and the Republicans refute it. And, you know, every four years we have this narrative, pin the racists on the Republican, and they try to depict the Republican Party as the party of racism. The Republicans refute that by saying, well, we’re the party of Lincoln."