WATCH: Sen. Angus King Says Trump’s Vote by Mail Fraud Claims Play Into Russia’s Hands

Russia is not the superpower it once was. They certainly don’t have the military might to take on the world’s superpower. So Vladimir Putin exerts power in a different way. The country uses hacking and disinformation to sow chaos and distrust in more powerful countries.

And Putin’s number one target has always been the United States of America. But never could the Russian president imagine that he would have someone make his goal of chaos as easy as Donald Trump. Maine senator Angus King recently said that Trump is doing just that with his vote by mail fraud claims.

King told Firing Line host Margaret Hoover, “They very much want to undermine our democracy and show the world that it doesn’t really work.”

Hoover then asked the senator if creating doubt could help the Russians affect elections. “If you think about it, this isn’t much of a challenge for the Russians,” King replied. “All they have to do is convince a number, a lot of Americans that they can do it or maybe that they’re trying to do it. And that’s enough.”

King then explained how Trump is aiding our foreign adversaries in their efforts:

“He is saying exactly what our adversaries are also saying and what they would want him to say. [I]f he tells them the election is rigged or it’s going to be rigged or you can’t trust mail-in voting or all of those kinds of things, that’s exactly—unfortunately, I hate to say this—but that’s exactly what the Russians and the Iranians are trying to convince Americans of.”


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