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[WATCH] Sec. Pete Buttigieg: Gas Prices Aren’t ‘Set By A Dial In the Oval Office’

[WATCH] Sec. Pete Buttigieg: Gas Prices Aren’t ‘Set By A Dial In the Oval Office’

It’s a lazy talking point for Republicans to blame soaring gas prices on President Joe Biden while fully ignoring the record low unemployment numbers, but there’s nothing the President could do that would make the GOP say nice things about him.

However, it’s helpful when members of the Biden administration explain how the country is actually supposed to work after everyone got used to absolutely nothing working during the Trump administration. There also wasn’t an unnecessary Russian invasion of Ukraine during the Trump administration to drive up prices and choke the global supply chain, kind of weird how these things go.


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is the right guy to tell the truth to the right wing, because he’ll still go on Fox News occasionally to attempt to poke some actual facts through the MAGA veil. It’s not that they’ll believe him, but at least Sec. Buttigieg never lets anyone steamroll over him with propaganda, something that’s always appreciated in a public servant. Facts matter, kids!

Of course, the President is very concerned about inflation and has made it a top priority to help ease Americans feeling the strain of Putin’s war impacting the global economy. In previous comments, he’s suggested the use of public transportation or trading in gas-dependent vehicles for electric or hybrid cars, solutions not available to everyone, but ones that would help to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels as the planet’s environmental crises only increase.


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Sec. Buttigieg explained it’s ultimately not the President who sets the prices for the things Americans rely on the most. Watch his full appearance on ABC’s This Week, below.

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