WATCH: Sean Hannity Wants Arizona to Repeal Abortion Ban Now

The GOP has been courting Evangelical voters for decades. The move has worked out well and the helped the party to win many elections across the country. The problem for Conservatives is that some of the key issues for extremely religious voters are very unpopular. 

Take abortion rights, for example. Evangelicals were thrilled over the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, but the issue is political poison for Republicans. In Arizona, the state Supreme Court recently enacted an archaic 123 year-old abortion measure. On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity begged the state to get rid of the ban. 

The host began, "And the people on the left are so desperate attacking Trump now for an Arizona Supreme Court ruling that upholds what is a Civil War-era law banning abortion. This will be fixed in the next week or two. Let not your heart be troubled. I can pretty much assure that will happen."

Hannity continued:

"Trump opposes the law and this ruling… And you know what? Arizona’s governor is a Democrat. The state’s attorney general is a Democrat. The state legislature is almost evenly divided. If Democrats– you want to get rid of the law, well, you have a chance right now to get rid of it. And I would advise you, get rid of it! They would rather use it as a political tool ahead of November."