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WATCH: Sean Hannity Somehow Connects Colorado Massacre to Black Lives Matter

WATCH: Sean Hannity Somehow Connects Colorado Massacre to Black Lives Matter

The hosts on Fox do not like to talk about the mass shootings that occur on a near weekly basis in America. In their minds, criticizing those shooters, or the weapons to use to massacre people, would be to endanger the second amendment.

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So personalities like Sean Hannity are willing to talk about anything else to deflect from the matter at hand. That attitude was on display last night. While speaking with Dan Bongino, Hannity broke off the story of the Colorado shooting to slam the Black Lives Mater movement.

Hannity ranted, “Obviously very scary, horrific shooting in Boulder. Here now with reaction, no stranger to law enforcement Fox News contributor, Dan Bongino. You know, we’re often reminded and then we forget. Remember, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want them, now. Pigs in a blanket. Fry them like bacon.” Bottles, rocks, bricks, molotov cocktails. They’re not riots we were told all summer to over 2,500 cops injured but these are the cops that go put themselves in harms way and in this case we lost one tonight.”

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Bongino then weighed in, ” Yeah, Sean, don’t forget with this defund the police crowd, that wasn’t a social worker that walked in there.” The Fox host retorted:

“Everybody else is racing to get the hell out of there. They’re going up in the other direction. And now we’re going to defund the police, disparage the police, quiet all summer long as they’re hit with rocks, and bricks, and bottles, and molotov cocktails.”

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