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WATCH: Sean Hannity Gushes Over Lindsay Graham’s Performance at the Barr Hearing

WATCH: Sean Hannity Gushes Over Lindsay Graham’s Performance at the Barr Hearing

Senate Judiciary Chairman, Lindsay Graham, certainly made his presence felt during William Barr’s testimony. Not only did Graham say the F word live on air, he also discussed reopening a Clinton probe.

(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

Conservatives like Sean Hannity were very pleased with the South Carolina Senator’s performance. The Fox News host had Graham on his show last night and began the interview by lavishing him with praise.

Hannity introduced the senator by declaring,

“Joining us now, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he led today’s hearing, did a phenomenal job and I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 you and the Attorney General get 1,000. That list that you went down, that’s the headline. This is over, he’s not changing his mind, and this is all beginning.”

Other cable news hosts were not quite as impressed with Graham’s performance. MSNBC’s Joy Reid was aghast at his Clinton talking points. She tweeted, “So Lindsay Graham has now formally announced that he plans to use his committee to investigate Hillary Clinton and the FBI. Contrast that with Democrats’ deep reluctance to go as far as the constitution allows to investigate obstruction of justice, corruption and conspiracy.”

Lawrence O’Donnell found it strange that the senator was ripping Strozk and Page while he made similar criticisms in the past. According to the host, “Lindsay Graham is quoting FBI staff saying negative things about Trump during the campaign that are virtually identical to what Lindsay Graham said during the campaign about Trump.”

Graham, though, seemed quite pleased with the hearing. He told an assembled group of reporters, “Iā€™m confident the [Mueller] investigation of the Trump campaign was thorough, complete, exhaustive. There was no collusion with the Russian government by the Trump campaign…..Its over.ā€

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