WATCH: Sean Hannity Demands That CNN Not Fact-Check Trump During Debate

On Wednesday, it was announced that Donald Trump and Joe Biden would soon debate each other on CNN. Trump was successful in Republican debates in the past, but that was due to the fact the events were rigged in his favor. 

In a normal debate, Trump, who has little knowledge of even basic US policy, struggles. And Republicans know that in a fairly moderated debate, the former President would be forced to answer the questions asked of him and won't be able to deflect by going on tangents or insulting his opponents. 

Sean Hannity, who has used his position as a leading figure at Fox News to protect Trump was quite displeased by the news. He said during his show last night:

"I would add that moderators' mics, they need to be muted also after a question. Why? Because it's obvious. The liberal media, they'd love to be two on one versus Donald Trump. No, that can't happen. Nor should networks be allowed to put anything on the screen but the names of the candidates."

Condemnation and mockery for Hannity came swiftly. Ron Filipkowski, an attorney of Twitter, responded, "The crybaby excuses have started even faster than usual. If you cut moderator mics then Trump won’t answer a single question. He instantly changes the subject on every mildly substantive question from right-wing hacks."