WATCH: Sean Hannity Claims That It's His Job To Influence GOP Members of Congress

During his Monday night show, Sean Hannity pushed back on criticism of his overtures to GOP Reps, saying it is part of his job. 

The Fox host has long blurred the lines between journalist and political operative. In 2018, he broke his company's policy by appearing on stage with Donald Trump at a campaign event. And this weekend, it was revealed that someone connected to Hannity had sent out emails to House GOP Reps who were not supporting Jim Jordan. 

The host responded to criticism over his actions on his show Monday night. He began, "Oh, I offer no apologies from doing my job in seeking answers from those public servants. Again, keyword: servants of we the people."

Hannity continued:

"Why is it a shock to certain lawmakers and members of the media mob — all of you out there — that yours truly, a member of the press, is daring to ask elected representatives — the so-called elected Reps of this country — if and when they plan to wrap up this Speaker battle and reopen the people' House amid growing chaos at home and abroad."

The Fox host closed, "I do have to chuckle — a few of my questions, simple questions, that I asked to some of the Republicans over the weekend about the importance of getting a Speaker as soon as possible — showed we have a few sensitive snowflakes in Congress."