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WATCH: School Board Forced To Throw Out Parent For Screaming About Ejaculation & Pubic Hair

WATCH: School Board Forced To Throw Out Parent For Screaming About Ejaculation & Pubic Hair

The newest wave of the war on education, in which right-wing legislators and media personalities get parents riled up about made-up curriculum controversies, is well underway. It’s driving parents to show up at schools and board meetings shouting about their most unhinged theories, and leaving school administrators flummoxed about how one addresses something so far outside reality.

[Screenshot via PatriotTakes/Clark County School Board/Twitter]
Case in point: check out this clip from a Nevada school board meeting. A parent is angrily ranting about what she believes is in the curriculum, then she goes off on a side trip about Disney, California’s sex offender laws and the implication that teachers are victimizing kids at theme parks, her own marriage and family, a family-planning method that is not typically deemed highly effective, abortion, Planned Parenthood, and ultimately, a box of pubic hair.

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Disney is, we’re finding out, super creepy and weird. California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there’s a ten-year or less age difference. That’s where we’re taking our kids, with our sexually confused teachers, who don’t have children of their own. I’ve been with my husband for 20-something years. I never have to discuss my sex life in public, because my three beautiful kids. Teach your girls not to let every guy c*m in them so you don’t have to get abortions. Take control of your children! Oh I’m sorry, ejaculate. Don’t let everyone ejaculate in you. Control your own body so you don’t have abortions. Planned Parenthood was founded to kill minorities. Why are you cutting off my time? This is why common core…hey! You have a box of public hair! You have a box — a book! I know about your book of pubic hair!

The only intelligible claim that the parent makes in her rant is that California has legalized pedophilia, a widespread misunderstanding of a 2020 bill that’s been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked. The Associated Press explains here that the law in question would not legalize sex with children, but would allow a judge some discretion in whether to, in addition to other legal penalties, require a convicted offender to register as a sex offender for certain sex acts with a minor aged 14 or older. The offender would still face the same charges, but a judge would have the opportunity to determine whether adding the offender’s name to a sex offender registry would be appropriate, in specific limited cases.

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