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WATCH: School Board Candidate Claims Being Gay Is Unconstitutional Because Of Procreation

WATCH: School Board Candidate Claims Being Gay Is Unconstitutional Because Of Procreation

John Carlo seriously has a problem with the way the Clark County, Nevada, School Board is handling things, and his solution is exactly the one an educator would recommend to (almost) anyone worried about how their kids’ education is going: get involved yourself, show up at school board meetings, give input, maybe even volunteer or run for a position on the Board yourself. Unfortunately, Carlo’s kind of involvement is exactly the type that necessitates the word “almost” in the previous sentence.

Burbank, CA – March 22: LGBTQ employees and their supporters walkout of Disney Animation protesting CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of the staff controversy over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, aka the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 in Burbank, CA. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Currently, he’s running for a position on the Board himself. Unfortunately, he’s running to promote ideas that are discriminatory, exclusive, and hateful (as well as just flat-out inaccurate). In the video below, you can see him campaigning to a church crowd, telling them that books merely acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ people should not be allowed in schools, and his reasoning is that it’s unconstitutional since gay people cannot procreate. (Notes on accuracy: LGBTQ people can absolutely procreate, and there’s nothing in the Constitution suggesting that people or families who can’t or don’t produce offspring are legally or morally invalid.)

“I believe in our Constitution. I believe in the way our founding fathers believed in this country. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That means that homosexuals cannot procreate. This goes against our Constitution.”

It’s not Carlo’s first run-in with the school board in Clark County, either. As mentioned, he’s had a problem with them for a while.

Back in December, LeftCoastRightWatch reported that he was one of a group of protestors who showed up at the home of a local official, engaging in harassment techniques including shouting profanity at his home, showing a license plate in her driveway, and being present while others were using threatening language such as suggesting that her home should burn down.

Carlo himself posted photos at the home, wearing a skeleton mask, but he’s since deleted his social media, reportedly due to the public response to some of his posts, including those in which he wears a Confederate flag to drive home whatever point it is he’s trying to make.

You can also see him in the background of another of PariotTakes‘s videos, back in February, waiting his turn to speak while one of his fellow anti-educationers explains her view that “certain demographics” are scoring lower in math not due to institutionalized discrimination but because of the dearth of two-parent homes.

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Other screenshots from his social media pages still exist, too, such as this one in which he argues that slavery in the United States was actually beneficial, because they had food, homes, and, according to him, healthcare.

Note in Carlo’s anti-gay speech, he has a poster with him directing viewers to a site focused on recalling Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. There, his reasons to recall the governor include “His new, post-election, wife is Chinese.”

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