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WATCH: Scarbrough Rips ‘Pathetic’ Republicans Who Grovel For ‘Toxic’ Trump’s Endorsements

WATCH: Scarbrough Rips ‘Pathetic’ Republicans Who Grovel For ‘Toxic’ Trump’s Endorsements

When Donald Trump makes it an endorsement, it is typically for only his benefit. The former President is not out to do things that help his party.

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Candidates, though, know that Trump can help them win their primaries. The issue, Joe Scarbrough says, is that the endorsement won’t help them in many national elections.

The MSNBC host began, “One of Trump’s aides says people will go there and just beg, people will go there and try to get his support and his endorsement. It’s every bit as pathetic as “The Apprentice,” where people were like crabs in a bucket, wanting him to pick them up. There was a scene where he flew down all of the Senate candidates in Ohio, put him in a room while he was there and just let them fight and scream, yell at each other so he would give them the endorsement.”

Scarborough continued:

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“The reality that still exists is that if Donald Trump can help you win a Republican primary and help you lose a general election, especially in statewide races, his name — and this story talks about it. We have seen after [Glen] Youngkin won, we have even time and time again people that voted for [Joe] Biden and Youngkin all upset with Biden top to bottom, then you ask them, last question, do you regret your vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump? Every one of them — no. He’s still toxic. He’s still toxic in north Atlanta, still toxic in the Philly suburbs, he’s still toxic in all of these swing districts. That’s not changing in the general election”

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