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WATCH: Scarborough Slams Republicans Who Say AR-15s Are For Hunting

WATCH: Scarborough Slams Republicans Who Say AR-15s Are For Hunting

AR-15s have long been the official gun of mass shootings. And at this point, it should be impossible for anyone to defend them. But that doesn’t stop the NRA-purchased Republicans in Washington DC from doing so. During a Wednesday segment, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough ripped GOP lawmakers for making wild claims about the assault weapon.

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The Morning Joe host began, “It’s just really sort of stark to see Republican members of Congress a week or so after little children are blown to pieces with a gun that is so violent, that is so lethal, that a lot of those little children couldn’t be recognized.”

Scarborough continued:

We heard the same thing in Sandy Hook. Parents had trouble recognizing their first graders when they went in at the bloody scene because it was a war zone, and you have a senator going, well, people in my state, they like to shoot feral pigs with an AR-15, so just because somebody guns down 19 people, kills 19 little kids basically what he’s saying, why shouldn’t my constituents still be able to use that gun to shoot a pig or varmints, I guess, varmints, prairie dogs — give me a break. A prairie dog would disintegrate, and raccoons in Colorado.”

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The host closed, “These are not serious people. these are not serious arguments. We have children who are still being buried. We know there’s going to be another mass shooting coming up. We know that because we’ve had, what, 240 mass shootings so far this year and we’re not even halfway through the year, and they’re talking about feral pigs and prairie dogs? It’s disgraceful.”

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