WATCH: Scarborough Says Trump Willingly Told Secrets Russians Would Love To Have

Joe Scarborough pointed out on Friday that Donald Trump is willing to tell civilians information that the country's enemies would love to have. 

Since he has been out of office, many have been astonished at how willingly Donald Trump shared classified information. The former President is currently facing federal charges for taking documents back to his Mar-a-Lago resort. 

But Trump didn't stop there. According to reports, the 45th President also shared information about nuclear submarines with Anthony Pratt, an Australian billionaire. Scarborough told his viewers, "I mean, one of his first visitors in the White House, he had the foreign minister of Russia and the Russian ambassador to the United States, what did do? He spilled classified secrets that we got from another country."

The Morning Joe host continued:

"No president would do this other than Donald Trump," Scarborough added. "Again, I remain just absolutely -- I'll try to be emotionally level on this – fascinated by the fact that people are still, will you vote for a guy who steals nuclear secrets, takes them to his beach club, steals war plans and takes them to his beach club, and now, in this case, talks the specifics about our nuclear submarines, and talks about how close we can get to Russian nuclear. I mean, this is the sort of information that Russian spies would die to get, and that our spies would risk their lives to get from other countries. Donald Trump is just sitting there at Mar-a-Lago blabbing it, then this guy goes around and tells maybe 20 more people."