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Watch: Scarborough Says Republicans Loathe Trump and His Support May Evaporate

Watch: Scarborough Says Republicans Loathe Trump and His Support May Evaporate

Washington DC was turned on its head yesterday as Nancy Pelosi finally announced that impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump would begin. Trump immediately took to Twitter to accuse the Democrats of beginning another witch hunt and engaging in “presidential harassment.

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Surrogates and GOP lawmakers fell in line behind the president and told news sources that the impeachment inquiry is motivated by partisan politics. Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claimed that Republicans personally loathe Donald Trump and he can see his support evaporating as the inquiry moves on.

Scarborough, who served as a Republican congressman in Florida from 1995-2001, is still well connected in GOP circles. He told his audience, “Republicans on the Hill loathe, loathe — I can’t say it enough — they loathe Donald Trump personally. They blame him for the chaos that’s going on in Washington and stopping them from getting more things done.”

The pundit said that while Republicans have widely supported the President, that could change if damaging evidence comes out.

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Scarborough continued, “We don’t know what’s going to happen, do we? I mean, maybe evidence comes out, we don’t know what happens when the levee breaks. But that is a possibility, and the fact that nobody on the Hill is actually personally loyal to Donald Trump means we don’t know how any of this ends up.”

Republicans hit the airwaves last night to begin their defense of Trump. One notable interview occurred between MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Louisiana Senator, John Kennedy. The segment ended with Todd telling Kennedy that he can’t gaslight the country.

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