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WATCH: Scarborough Says Kansas Vote Shows Voters are Repulsed by GOP Policies

WATCH: Scarborough Says Kansas Vote Shows Voters are Repulsed by GOP Policies

Republicans had long been predicting they would retake the House and Senate in a red wave this fall. And polling showed they had a good chance of doing so. That polling has changed, though, since the radical Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.

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Tuesday saw that first real proof of how unpopular the decision was. In red state Kansas, people overwhelmingly voted to protect abortion rights. Joe Scarborough says this makes it clear that voters are repulsed by GOP policy.

The Morning Joe host began:

“I think it’s an example a lot of people who identified themselves as pro-life looking at what happened since Roe was overturned. Looking at the extremism, looking at the 10-year-old girl being chased from the state, looking at the Texas attorney general fighting for the right to let mothers die on the operating table, to tear away the protections that the federal government is trying to put in place to protect moms to have a choice whether they die on an operating table or not.”

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“You look at all of the extremities,” Scarborough continued, “and now again in another Republican state legislature trying to give the right to members of a rapist’s family to sue a rape victim for $20,000 unless she has a forced pregnancy. This is a rapist’s bill of rights that Republicans are passing, a rapists’ bill of rights for forced child birth on children. This is the Republican Party in 2022, and even in a pro-life state, even in a Republican state that hasn’t elected a Democratic president in 50 years, they are repulsed by the radicalism of this new Republican Party.”

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