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WATCH: Scarborough Says GOP is Setting Up For Another Trump Nightmare in 2022

WATCH: Scarborough Says GOP is Setting Up For Another Trump Nightmare in 2022

While Republicans have a good shot at taking back the House in 2022, Joe Scarborough says their continued embrace of Trump could cost them that chance.

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Donald Trump has Republicans stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the GOP is to move away from Trump, they risk alienating voters in rural areas. But when they continue to embrace Trump, the party has issues with women ans suburban voters.

This is especially true when Republicans lean into the conspiracy theories which are a hallmark of the Trump brand. During Monday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said the party could be walking into another Trump nightmare.

Scarborough explained to viewers:

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“They’re going to upset more suburban voters. So you take a state like Georgia, where Atlanta is too big to be overrun by Trump supporters in rural areas. Arizona is the same with Phoenix being too large, where you have educated voters and suburban voters or former Republicans to be overrun by Trump supporters out in the country who may just not follow the truth or may just look at Facebook all day, and then we’re going to be adding North Carolina to that list. That was close, but four years from now, more educated people coming into North Carolina, you look at the patterns there.”

The host continued, “Were I a Republican, I would just say, ‘My God, this is preposterous, this is dangerous — wake up.’ But they aren’t waking up from this Trump nightmare that they’ve put themselves in.”
Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:
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