WATCH: Scarborough Rips 'Masculine' Republicans Who Allow Trump to Humiliate Them

Donald Trump doesn't only want to be in power, he also wanted to humiliate and embarrass anyone who dares say something negative about him. The former President seems to get a perverse thrill from making those who would dare defy him suffer. 

But these politicians who have been insulted and mocked by Trump, they go on TV and furiously defend the former President. Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch ripped into these politicians during his Monday morning show. 

Scarborough explained:

"And yet these guys that play tough guys and and want, you know, like what they want the world to be more manly and they’re, well, they’re the least masculine men. They are. They’re the guys that went to Ivy League colleges and won’t defend their father’s honor. They won’t defend their wives’ honor. They will allow Donald Trump to say the worst, most humiliating things about them constantly. How do I say it politely?"

Deutsch then jumped in, " You just don’t use the word. Don’t use the word, Joe. Don’t do it. I used it once in a lot of trouble. Don’t do it."

Scarborough continued, "Yeah, they they they they just I well, I can’t say it. They they just he undermines so many, humiliates them and, and they just come back for more. And they’re the ones writing books about manhood. Oh, give me a freaking break. It is on."