WATCH: Scarborough Rips MAGA Parents for Idolizing Rapist in front of Kids

MAGA supporters constantly talk about protecting children. They came out in droves for a movie about a figure who combated sex trafficking. They create groups like Moms for Liberty which looks to censor books in libraries across the country. 

But when it comes to Donald Trump, they have nothing to say. Trump, of course, bragged about sexually assaulting women behind the scenes on Access Hollywood, but that didn't bother Republicans. And Joe Scarborough tore into MAGA voters for their hypocrisy on Trump. 

The host told viewers, "Younger boys see their parents praising, idolizing a man who has been found guilty or found liable of sexually abusing a woman, of defaming a woman that a judge said he raped, a guy that's bragged about sexual assault on the 'Access Hollywood' tape, a guy that does illegal payoffs to porn stars at the height of the campaign and then insults her as a horse face, a guy who regularly trashes women, attacks them."

Scarborough continued:

"That's what these families who are idolizing Donald Trump -- and it's straight out of Jeremiah and worshipping idols, they become worthless. They do that and they try to justify it on some like grievance. They don't even see in their own households their children seeing them, a mother and father who claim to be children of God, who are worshipping, praising and idolizing a rapist."