WATCH: Scarborough Outlines Donald Trump's Signs Of Cognitive Decline

During the Tuesday broadcast of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough outlined the multiple moments where Donald Trump has exhibited signs of cognitive decline. 

Conservative media arms have consistently attacked Joe Biden over his age, claiming that the President is in serious decline. Biden, however, has achieved several goals during his time in office. 

Donald Trump is only a few years younger than Biden, a fact Conservatives regularly ignore. And now that he is on the campaign trail, Trump is giving Republicans reasons to worry during his speeches. The Morning Joe host noted that Trump had recently claimed that windmills are affecting whales in the ocean. 

Scarborough continued:

"He said last week, nobody thought we could beat Barack Obama, but we did, he stumbled around with Obama's name, and then he went on to say he beat -- he was going to beat -- oh, no, that he beat Barack Obama in 2020, as well. Then, of course, on to the part about where Joe Biden was going to get us into World War II in 2024. The reason why those numbers are higher and the reason why people are comparing Hunter Biden's laptop to stealing nuclear secrets is because the Republicans have been hammering Joe Biden over this nonstop."

The host closed, "This is a guy who is terribly confused. Again, we don't hear that so much because the Biden campaign is playing by Marquess of Queensberry rules."