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WATCH: Scarborough Mocks Trump for Hiding His Kim-Jong un Love Letters at Mar-a-Lago

WATCH: Scarborough Mocks Trump for Hiding His Kim-Jong un Love Letters at Mar-a-Lago

During the entirety of his business career, Donald Trump felt that rules never applied to him. And this line of thinking continued when he was elected President. It was revealed over the weekend that Trump had taken some White House documents home with him to Mar-a-Lago.

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Clearly, the former President was instructed that all documents must be preserved and kept at the White House. During his Tuesday morning show, Joe Scarborough guessed that some of the documents had to do with Kim-Jong un.

The hosts of the show mocked Trump for his ‘love letters’ from the North Korean leader. Scarbrough noted, “They (Trump rally-goers) would cheer whenever he would talk about his love letters with Kim Jong-un and, you know, remember not so long ago Bill O’Reilly asked him like who were his favorite world leaders to deal with. and like, you know, Kim Jong-un was one of them. Who else did he say? Did he say Xi and Putin? I don’t know. It was like — it certainly wasn’t anybody that was elected democratically.”

The host continued:

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“You actually heard, when they said Kim Jong-un, you actually heard some clapping. I heard a hound dog barking in the back because everybody wanting theirs. Some dogs before running wild in the back. You had a couple of chicken coops people had brought in because you had extra space in the arena. But there were people who were actually applauding the Kim Jong-un shout-out. I’m sitting here going, ‘okay, wait, what — why, why?’ I still don’t get it.”


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