WATCH: Scarborough Marvels at Russia Having GOP Under Its Sway

Right now, the House GOP is preventing the United States from providing Russia aid in its war against Ukraine. And by refusing the help the United States allies, they are helping Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

During Friday's broadcast of Morning Joe, the hosts discussed the power Russia currently holds over the Republican party. 

Joe Scarborough began, "It's so staggering that my former party, Ronald Reagan's former party, we would be the first people standing up and speaking out, shouting, because we believe then, I still believe now, and I know you do, as well, that America is a city that shines brightly on the hill for all the world to see. It really is, when we are at our best. That's what Republicans used to believe – no more."

The host continued:

"They are about to elect a man in South Carolina and throughout the nation to represent them in the primary -- in the presidential election, Donald Trump, who has nothing bad to say about Vladimir Putin, who time and time again defends Vladimir Putin, calls his invasion brilliant, and won't even speak out on the murder of Navalny, won't even speak out."

Mika Brzezisnki then weighed in, "Connect the dots, see what's happening – see Russian aggression pervading our politics, and see how she is standing in the face of this. Why shouldn't everybody else participate in protecting democracy and the lives who want freedom, who are murdered by dictators?"