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WATCH: Scarborough Lays Into Republicans Who Walked Out on Brown Jackson

WATCH: Scarborough Lays Into Republicans Who Walked Out on Brown Jackson

Republicans have had a lot of wins when it comes to the Supreme Court. They were able to withhold a hearing from Merrick Garland and push Neal Gorsuch through. After that, they confirmed controversial candidates Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

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GOP lawmakers, though, have thrown a bit of a tantrum over the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson. They made a spectacle out of her confirmation hearing. And on the day she was confirmed, they walked out of the room as Democrats cheered. On Thursday morning, Joe Scarborough ripped them for their childish behavior.

The former GOP congressman began, “I didn’t vote for Barack Obama [but] when Barack Obama got elected, I turned to the person I was with and I said, I didn’t vote for him, but what an incredible country we live in. I had chills — again, I thought he was too liberal, I didn’t — I could go down the list, but even in that moment I knew something really incredible had happened that made me proud to be an American, right?”

Scarborough continued:

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“But then afterwards, given our history as a nation, given the way women have been treated, the way Black people have been treated, the way Black women have been treated, just as a matter of history, it is a matter of fact, as much of a fact as this is a coffee cup,” Scarborough continued, holding up his own cup, “you don’t think more Republicans than Mitt Romney could have stayed in the chamber, taken to their feet and applauded the moment even if they didn’t agree with her judicial philosophy?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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