WATCH: Scarborough Laughs at Idea of Trump Delivering Closing Argument

Donald Trump has an issue with thinking that he is the smartest person in the room. He has been proven wrong in their belief for decades. Still, his inflated sense of self leads him to belief he can perform feats he is just not capable of. 

Yesterday, it was revealed that Trump is considering delivering the closing argument at his latest court hearing. Donald Trump, very obviously, has no legal training. Joe Scarborough discussed the report during his Wednesday morning show. 

The Morning Joe host began, "Look at that ABC News headline at the bottom of the screen, 'Trump will reportedly deliver' – I'm sorry, Trump – let me read it with a straight face. It's not possible, it's not possible. 'Trump will reportedly deliver part of his New York fraud trial closing arguments himself.'"

Scarborough continued, "The cable news gods, they rain manna down from the heavens to all cable news executive producers wondering what they're going to do. Forget cable news, the late-night comics – oh, my God, they'll have a field day on this."

Guest George Conway then weighed in, "There's a delay aspect to it and there's also a fundraising aspect to it, and, as Joe said, there's a narcissistic aspect, but he's fighting for his life here, his freedom here, these criminal cases, not the one in New York – that's just money, that means a lot to him. These cases could put him in jail for the rest of his life, and I think probably will."