WATCH: Scarborough Explains Why he's 'Baffled' by Republican Stupidity

It won't be long before Americans are again voting for President. And each party is looking to produce results that can influence voters at the polls. Republicans, though, are seemingly too focused on making Donald Trump happy rather than passing bills to help Americans. 

There is currently a border security bill proposed to Congress. GOP senators have long supported the bill, though they weren't able to get the House GOP on board. Senate leader Mitch McConnell is now casting doubt on the bill going through. 

Discussing the situation, Joe Scarborough began, "Now let's talk about immigration. Republicans are saying, 'This is the toughest border security bill we've ever gotten,' but House Republicans are saying, 'Let's kill it.' Donald Trump is saying, 'Let's kill it.'"

The Morning Joe host continued:

On the two most important issues, we have the solutions to the best we've had in decades, and Donald Trump says no, and the House Republicans are going along and now the Senate. This is just -- these are two campaign issues that Democrats should be able to absolutely trounce Republicans on. They're pro-Donald Trump. They're not even pro-Republican Party! These actions hurt the Republican Party."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: