WATCH: Scarborough Blasts Fox News for Having Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Deliver Medical Advice

When a pandemic like COVID-19 appears, there is always going to be worry about the spread of disinformation. Sites like Twitter have been active in banning certain users and having others (including Laura Ingraham and Diamond and Silk) correct tweets with false info.

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Networks like CNN have featured Doctors like  Sanjay Gupta to advise on best practices to avoid coming down with the virus. Fox News has used television personalities like Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. During Friday’s MSNBC broadcast, Joe Scarborough mocked his competitor for having the two dispense medical advice.

Dr. Oz was criticized yesterday after making comments concerning reopening schools and the potential mortality rate. Dr. Phil attempted to compare COVID-19 deaths to auto accidents and drownings.

“The party of life is suddenly fine with very high mortality rate,” said Scarborough. “I guess it’s getting in the way of, you know — taking care of people’s health is getting in the way of the bottom line.”

Co-host Willie Giest had a darker take on the medical advice dispensed by the two men. ”Fox News, those programs, obviously, are very highly rated. Millions of viewers,” he said. “So when those prominent doctors go on TV and say these things, a lot of people listen. That’s reflected, by the way, in polling, that shows who is taking this seriously and who is not.”

Geist continued, “That’s why we try to have on this show and bring to our audience actual doctors who specialize in this stuff.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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