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WATCH: Scarborough Asks Why Trump Isn’t Being Prosecuted Over Documents Today

WATCH: Scarborough Asks Why Trump Isn’t Being Prosecuted Over Documents Today

To no one’s surprise, it has been revealed that Donald Trump was less than careful with essential documents. Some of these documents ended up down in Mar-a-Lago with him. And according to a report from Maggie Haberman, others were flushed down the toilet. And some may even have been eaten.

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During his Monday show, Joe Scarborough discussed Trump and documents, telling viewers:

“This would be a mini scandal for Donald Trump. I mean, I was on the Armed Services Committee. If either myself as a congressperson or anything else on the committee took top-secret records and took them from the, that we saw at the Armed Services Committee and took them home, especially after we got out of Congress, the FBI would come after us. I would guess the Department of Justice would come after us.”

The host continued, “They have come after other people who have been charged for taking classified information. Ask Gn. David Petraeus, ask other people that had classified documents on their computers at home or taken materials home.”

Scarborough closed, “This would not be a little scandal for a member of Congress or a senator who did the same thing. They would be lawyering up right now, knowing the DOJ would be coming after them. I guess the question is, does Donald Trump continue to live by a different standard than even senators and congressmen on Capitol Hill?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the MSNBC network:

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