WATCH: Scaramucci Says Trump Would Resign if Top Aides Are Made to Testify

The Trump impeachment process has now moved from the House over to the Senate. High ranking senators like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have already said that the trial will not be run fairly. That means witnesses like Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton won’t testify.

Anthony Scaramucci
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

But what if those men, along with Mike Pompeo and Rudy Giuliani are compelled to testify in the senate trial. Former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci says the President would resign rather than “feeling the heat” from those testimonies.

Chuck Schumer is trying to make sure those four men appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He recently told Joe Scarborough, “There’s not a single reason that has been given why the four witnesses we’ve asked for, why the documents we’ve asked for, should not be presented. But to not have them is to engage in a cover up. Is to say we’re afraid.”

Scaramucci told Joy Reid, this case would mean the end of Trump’s presidency. The former White House Communications Director said, “Let’s talk about Republican Senate for a second. They are allowing this. End of the day, he [Trump] completely broke the law. You go through the different categories, you look at the facts.”

He continued, “We haven’t seen the primary witness testimony. Those four people whether it’s Mulvaney, Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo — if they have to testify under oath, he has to leave. So there’s four senators that need to be moved to allow for a full and fair trial. If that happens, scoundrel number one, he’ll leave before that testimony.”

When pressed by Reid, Scarmucci responded, “There is no way he can handle the heat of that testimony.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:



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